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A 100% soy wax candle handmade in San Francisco with a hand-cast reusable concrete vessel.


We have 2 sizes:
3oz- estimated 18 hour burn time.
8oz- estimated 48 hour burn time.

Candle Information:
• Cherry wood crackling wick 
• Wax: 100% Soy Wax | Vegan, Non-GMO | Made in USA
• Premium Fragrance Oil
• Phthalate Free, Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free
• Made in San Francisco, CA


 The traditional aroma of rose is sweet, floral, and romantic with warm and slightly spicy undertones.

Cactus Flower: Bright and lively. Sweet agave and watery aloe enhance the fresh-cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals, while base notes of patchouli ground it with a pleasing earthiness.

Citron: dry citrus, zesty, fresh, citrus, white wood, bright

Ocean Breeze: Salty ozone notes with the aroma of fresh citrus. Airy ozone and base notes of wood, violet, musk, and cotton blossom give depth to the aquatic notes.

Layered Summer Candles

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